12 Week "Transformation" vs A Lifestyle Shift

"We work to dispel and refute nutritional dogma and misleading marketing that plagues the health and fitness industry."

One of the pillars we stand for in our mission statement. We want to offer the best resources and information for individuals to conquer their goals faster and eventually build on having them create a happy healthy life. Nutrition is simple, not easy. With being exposed daily to tons of hyped up and oversold products and programs in the media, it can be hard tell which ones will add value. 

We've broken down below what a standard 12 Week Transformation Program typically encompasses and why this cookie cutter template approach only works for individuals who "fit the mold". Then, we highlight what a MTMM 12 Week Support Program can give you and features included in order for you to maintain a healthy base in your day to day nutrition.

Widely Available "12 Week Online Transformation" Programs:

  • Takes into account only your age, height, weight and rough activity level
  • One size fits all approach
  • Promotes aggressive depletion
  • Focuses on indiscriminate weight loss (muscle mass as well as fat)
  • Damages metabolism
  • Disrupts regular hormone balance
  • Extremely high rate of completion regression
  • (putting the weight back on)

MTMM 12 Week Support Package:

  • Recognized industry leading qualifications
  • Full health history consideration and comprehensive health and lifestyle assessment
  • Programming that centres on evidence based results from the latest industry and medical studies
  • Assessment of individual risk for adrenal fatigue and other hormonal imbalances
  • Focus on sustainable fat loss for long term body re-composition
  • Tailored programming that incorporates personal lifestyle factors such as shift work, stress levels, anticipated activity changes, menstrual and hormonal cycles and changes and more
  • Emphasis on education and client inclusion
  • Strong community support network
  • Varied strategies and behavioural coaching techniques to ensure success
  • Around the clock email support
  • Endorsed and utilized by performance athletes

Get started on your journey, tailored for you, today.