Our Nutrition Coaching is completely individualised and personalised, meaning it’s tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each client.

All clients are matched with the coach that best suits their specific needs and objectives and each support package comes with weekly catch ups, alternating between email and video consultations. With unlimited support provided to each individual, our clients are able to receive the help they need, when they need it - in order to encourage learning, increase involvement and stay accountable and on track to achieving their goals.

How do we differ?

Putting the personal back in personalized!

We don’t believe in simply just providing our clients with the bear essentials, but rather all the tools they need to maximise the likelihood of continued success.

All of our programs are built from scratch and completely tailored to the individual clients. Programming takes into account:

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  • Unique health and performance goals and objectives

  • Specific caloric and macronutrient needs

  • Full medical and medication history

  • Past dietary successes and failures

  • Both intentional and non-intentional levels of activity

  • Training type, frequency and volume

  • Work schedule and type (including travel schedules, shift rotations and work functions)

  • Sleep hygiene and recovery habits

  • Religious considerations as well as any other cultural or social obligations

  • Nutritional behaviors and practices.

MTMM is more than just macros. Our programs are then presented to our clients in an actionable format which ensures confidence in execution, regardless of nutritional knowledge or experience.

After all, the only plan worth having, is the one that can be followed!

Unrivaled levels of support

MTMM prides itself on providing the highest level of support possible to each of our clients by way of weekly check ins, alternating between email and online video consults.

Every week, you and your coach will communicate in order to:

  • Keep you accountable and on track to achieving your goals

  • Troubleshoot any challenges or hurdles that arise unexpectedly.

  • Provide assistance and ideas with meal prep, recipes and food preparation

  • Unlimited email support, so that you feel confident that the steps you are taking are in the right direction and that you’re learning along the way

OUtcome based program refresh

Your nutritional requirements will change and evolve as you do, and as such so should your program!
Your coach will integrate your feedback, physical responses as well as any other meaningful changes that occur into an unlimited number of real-time updates, to ensure the plan you’re following is always current, relevant and up-to-date.

Competition Preparation

Whether you compete for a living or recreationally, your nutritional needs on Game-Day greatly differ from those day-to-day!

MTMM currently supports ironman competitors, triathletes, weightlifters, Powerlifters, CrossFitters, discus throwers and even rally car drivers - so we're sure we can help you too, when it comes to maximising performance and recovery when it counts the most!

Access to our online community

Share recipes, ideas and social events with other individuals actively working to improve their health and performance, as well as access to our partnered practitioners and performance centers.

Goal Setting and Mindset Coaching

Not sure exactly where to start?

Or do you know where you want to end up, but just not sure of the steps required to get there?
Our coaches work with you to create your road map to success and provide all the support and perspective required to make your dreams your goals, and your goals your reality.