Improving Sleep Quality with Nutrition

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Client: Vida Lau

“Last October, after noticing I wasn't getting the results I wanted from eating a cleaner diet and working out, someone asked if I wanted to give Married to My Macros a shot and see what happens. I've already accepted the fact that my body will look the way it does from working out. I'm not chasing a 6 pack or bubble butt although if that's what I end up with, then hey, great! My goal of working out is to stay active and healthy, physically but most importantly, mentally.

Those that know me know that my quality and amount of sleep is shit. It has been easily for the past 9ish years. I average about 6-7 hours/night, would wake up 3-4x/night and sometimes be awake anywhere from half hour to 3 hours. I've tried melatonin, valerian tea, all kinds of calming and relaxing tea prior to bed, even taking Nyquil to knock me out and even that became ineffective over time. My sugar consumption has been low for the past few years, averaging about 1tbsp of raw honey/week.

November 4th, 2018. My last hope of trying to sleep better by signing on with MTMM . The past 3 months I've been working with Katrina and with her support and guidance by following a macros based diet, I've been able to average 7-8 hours of sleep a night and waking up ONCE, maybe twice but only to go pee and fall back asleep! After so many years of being constantly tired, even having 3 days of good quality sleep feels SO good. 

It wasn't an easy 3 months, especially around Christmas and the holidays, but what better time to take on the challenge than this time of year? I was nervous, excited, disappointed, frustrated with the learning process, but in the end, I learned so much. Not only about eating clean, but how my body reacts and training myself to make better and healthier choices. My weight didn't fluctuate much, but that was not my primary goal. I'm not as "fluffy" in some areas, which was a bonus. 

You won't get a different outcome if you don't do something different or change your ways. This goes with everything in life, not just fitness and nutrition. And with change, you learn. Thank you to everyone who has and continue this journey with me. And so it continues...”