• When we say we personalize your nutrition plan, we don’t just mean providing you with a macro profile.

      Your coach deep dives into your life to gain a holistic picture of your goals and objectives, nutritional knowledge and current behaviours, past dietary success to failures, full medical history, activity levels and training ( type, frequency and volume), the hours and nature of your work (including shift work considerations), sleep hygiene and behaviour, family life and social obligations, travel schedule - just to name a few of the factors we take into account when creating your program.

      Why all the detail? The plan is only as good as your ability to adhere to it. Your coach wants to ensure your program works for you and with your life, so we go above and beyond to understand every aspect and utilize that information to create the best program for you so that you can see lasting results.

  • I’m not an athlete, can i still benefit from working with mtmm?

    • Absolutely. In fact, our non-athlete population make up the majority of our client community and represent the embodiment of the MTMM Mission Statement and ethos. Our brand is built on the intention to work to create more empowered and knowledgeable communities when it comes to health and nutrition.
      We want our parents to have the energy to keep up with their kids and the ‘know-how’ to set solid examples for future generations when it comes to fostering relationships with food.
      We want our elders to extend not just the quantity of life, but also the quality - working to keep them able to live independent of intervention for as long as possible.
      We want our juniors to grow up to their full potential, to be confident in themselves, their capabilities and their bodies.
      We want our shift workers to optimize their ability to recover, mitigating as much as possible the health concerns associated with shift work.
      We want our office workers armed with the ability to avoid becoming a statistic when it comes to the dangers of sedentary lifestyle.
      This is the crux of what MTMM stands for, with our athlete population being a representation of exactly what’s possible.


    • Not at all. Our programs are completely individualized to each client to ensure that they are 100% confident in their ability to adhere and execute. For some this may mean counting macros, for others it could be visually compiling their plates based on other guidelines.
      Additionally, our support set up means that each client has regular access to their personal coach to answer any questions and concern they may have along they way, so there’s no ‘guessing and hoping’.
      We do however, believe in the power of empowerment through education and our intention with every client is to make sure that they are learning along the way - this doesn’t mean we have our clients sitting tests and exams, but rather to remain engaged in the ‘how and why’ of their program changes and adjustments along the way.

  • Does starting your program mean giving up my social life?

    • Of course not, but it will teach you how to approach social occasions in a manner that is aligned to the progression towards your personal goals - meaning you really can have your cake and eat it too. Our programs encompass all aspects of our client’s lives and this is a vital component in increasing overall compliance to program, teaching balance and consistency over long periods of time and ensuring that the success our clients have is for life - not just the short term. In no way do any of our programs require our clients to feel restricted, socially anxious or unengaged.

  • I don’t know how to cook, is this still for me?

    • We prefer to rephrase this as - you may not know how to cook, yet. Meal prep is a skill like any other, and just like any other skill, it may take some time and practice to really master. A growth mindset is necessary for any successful approach to change, and this is no different. Just like you are most likely addressing your nutrition for the first time and learning about your food, so to will you learn how to prepare it. This is not to say that MTMM programs are going to make you a Michelin Star chef, but they will greatly contribute to your ability to re-take control of your health, performance and body composition.

  • What does Full support Mean and how does it work?

    • MTMM prides itself on offering the highest level of support possible to each and every one of our clients. We even cap the amount of clients each of our coaches can work with at one time, to ensure that each client receives the necessary amount of support required to help them achieve their goals.
      Full support means more to us than just a generic monthly email.
      Each client begins their journey with MTMM with a 1 -hour video consultation - a personable conversation that allows the client to get a feel for their perspective coach and the way MTMM operates, as well as providing substantial insight for the coach into their new prospective client.
      From this point on, our coach:client relationship is nurtured and fostered with weekly check-ins alternating between email and video conferencing to ascertain progress, challenges and changes experienced over the week gone, as well as troubleshoot and strategize for any events upcoming - meaning our clients are not only supported but also kept accountable and on track to achieving their goals.

      For our recreational and professional athletes, this also includes and competition specific nutritional outlines or weight management strategies, allowing them to focus solely on the task at hand!

  • Can I undertake coaching for just one week? One month?

    • In a word, no. We do not support quick fixes, fad diets, or any ridiculous extreme notion that we deem potentially dangerous to your long term health. If that’s what you’re looking for, then MTMM is not the program for you.
      We believe in improving your health, optimizing your energy, boosting your recovery and creating an environment that is conducive to positive change both mentally and physically.
      We opt to do things right, and do things once, allowing our clients to always be in a better position than when they started, with results that stay with them for a lifetime.
      If you’re not willing to invest in yourself for at least three months, then your chances of long term success with any approach you undertake are minimal.
      You’re worth more than that. And we can help you to believe it.

  • How do I know which coach is best for me?

    • Each of our coaches offer their own unique expertise and style of coaching which is a culmination of both their credentials and certifications, but also their own personal journeys and experiences. For a bit more background into each of our coaches, check out our ‘About’ section. If you’re still not sure, feel free to send us an email ( with an insight into exactly what you’re looking to do, and we can match you the coach we feel is best suited to your needs.
      Bear in mind, in order to keep our coach:client ratio manageable, there may be certain times of their year where your preferred coach may be waitlisted, but you will be notified if this is the case.

      Got a question we haven’t answered? Feel free to reach out to

  • does it matter if I’m not based in the same time zone / country as my preferred coach?

    • Not at all. All communication between you and your coach is done online. All of our coaches are well versed in time zone calculations so that we can make ourselves at times that will suit our clients across the globe.