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All of our coaches are experienced and dedicated to providing you with the best support to suit your needs. Each of our coaches is equipped with their own unique expertise and style of coaching which is a culmination of both their credentials and certifications.


Katrina Smith, lead nutritionist

Areas of Interest

Sports Performance Nutrition for Athletes
Weightlifting Preparation and Weight Cuts
Endurance Athlete Nutrition
Pre and Postnatal Nutrition
Hormonal Imbalances
Nutrition Disorders

Education and Certifications

Masters of Science in Human Performance Nutrition [in progress]
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Precision Nutrition Level 1
Personal Training Specialist, Canfitpro
Crossfit Level 1


Ben borg, nutritionist & community outreach coordinator

Areas of Interest

CrossFit and Exercise Sport (Preparation and Competition Specific)
Track and Field Athletics
Preseason preparation (Athletics, Australian Rules Football, Rugby, Soccer)
Behavioural Nutrition and Lifestyle Modification
Corporate Lifestyle
Masters (50+) & Seniors (65+) Specific Nutrition & Training

Education and Certifications

Bachelor of Commerce
Precision Nutrition Level 1
Certificate III Fitness - Group Training
Certificate IV Fitness - Personal Training
Crossfit Level 1


Maggie morgan, nutritionist & content coordinator

Areas of Interest

Sports Performance Nutrition for Athletes
Powerlifting Preparation and Weight Cuts
Digestive Repair
Behaviour and Habit Coaching
General Population Nutrition
Nutrition and Recovery Protocols for Frequent Travellers

Education and Certifications

Masters of Counselling Psychology [in progress]
Bachelor of Law
Precision Nutrition Level 1
NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Clare Green, Nutritionist

Areas of Interest

Evidence Based Nutrition for the General Population
Masters & Seniors Nutrition
Exercise Programming and Nutrition for Peri / Menopause / Post
Exercise Programming and Nutrition for Obesity with a Special Interest in Metabolic Syndrome
Exercise Programming and Nutrition for Beginners / Recovery

Education and Certificates

Advanced Higher National Diploma in Advanced Biology
Certificate III - Fitness Instructor
Certificate IV - Personal Trainer
CrossFit Level 1
Certificate in Pelvic Health
MNU Certified Nutritionist

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