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Once you fill out the form on this page, you will be contacted within 2 business days by our team. 

The session is all about you. In order for us to best help you, we need to understand you. In this assessment we will chat about your goals and objectives, get to know any health issues or injuries you are dealing with, as well as develop an understanding of the unique challenges and obstacles you are facing so that we can best develop a strategy that integrates easily into your lifestyle.

Should you feel comfortable that MTMM is right for you, this information will provide the basis of our initial program. We say initial because our programs evolve and change as will your circumstances and physical attributes over the time we work together.

Step 2 - pick a membership

Every new client begins working with MTMM on a full support package. This is necessary as it takes time for us to assess your nutritional awareness and understanding, help instil habits that will align with your goals, and make sure you feel completely supported as you begin to make changes to improve your health and performance. 


all pricing is in AUD and is subject to 10% GST

12 month option - The Success Generator

For those serious about making life changing transformations

Paid up front: AUD $1,779.00 + tax  or  Paid monthly: AUD $165.00 + tax


6 month option - CoNSISTENCy is key

Our most common package. learn how to live your best life

Paid up front: AUD $939.00 + tax or  Paid monthly: AUD $179.00 + tax


3 month option - the taste test

for those looking to test the water

Paid up front: AUD $525.00 + tax  or  Paid monthly: AUD $205.00 + tax

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