World's Greatest Chicken Hack

There is literally no easier way to batch-cook chicken than to use my 'world's greatest chicken hack.' You'll save so much time you'll wonder why you haven't done it all along! 

Buy 1-2 kg chicken breast and cook it in a slow-cooker for 8 hours on low. No need to add any liquid as it will self render. I choose to cook mine plain so I can individually season the chicken portions meal by meal, but you could add any spices or herbs you desire.

Once the chicken is cooked it will shred easily with a fork and can be measured into individual portions for the fridge or freezer for quick convenient protein sources.

The one and only caveat (and a very important one at that) is that protein should always be measured and tracked raw.

So how do we work this out?

Let’s say you bought 1 kg raw chicken breast. It will cook down significantly and you will have to re-weigh it once cooked.

If once cooked the chicken now measures out to 800g you would  divide the cooked weight by the number of portions you want. I generally aim for 200 or 250g of chicken per portion. So, if I were aiming for 200g portions I would divide my cooked weight by 5 (5x 200g portions = 1000g raw), which equals 160. Weigh out 5x 160g portions and label them as “200g chicken breast” and enter it into your macro tracker as ‘chicken breast raw’

Bon appétit!