High Protein Veggies for High Performance


Getting enough protein in a day can be challenging. By adding some of these high protein veggies into your meals, you'll be able to reach your recommended daily protein intake seamlessly.

1. Peas

Not only are peas one of our favourite kitchen additions, they are also an excellent source of protein. Peas can be enjoyed fresh or frozen and have some of the highest protein available of any vegetable. Next time you are looking for a little protein boost, remember to add in a handful of peas to your meal.

2. Spinach

You might already know spinach as a popular "super food", but now you can eat it knowing that it is also a great source of protein too. This vegetable is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and of course, protein.

3. Kale

Truly one of the best greens vegetable choices out there. Kale is the definition of a super food. Make it into a salad, add it to soup or casserole, or blend a handful into a green smoothie. You can be sure you are getting your desired protein intake!

4. Broccoli

As well as being higher in protein, broccoli is also high in fibre, antioxidants and minerals. With a broad range of vitamins it offers, you can use cooked or raw broccoli as a main menu item. Eat broccoli in salads, soups, or simply steamed by itself with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

5. Sprouts

There are so many different varieties of fresh sprouts available. The thing we love about them the most is that they are living until you pick them. You can't get any fresher than that. Sprouts make a healthy addition to sandwiches, salads and soups. Try mixing various kinds of sprouts that are available to you for taste and nutrition.


6. Mushrooms

With a firm texture and immune boosting properties, especially cordyceps, reishi and maitake, mushrooms make a tasty, nutritious and filling main meal. We opt to cook them under a hot grill with a drizzle of olive oil. When they are almost done, simply top them with a little freshly chopped garlic and parsley and then bake them a little longer (to cook the garlic). Serve them with freshly scrambled organic eggs for a healthy weekend brunch.

7. Brussel Sprouts

This cruciferous vegetable is not only high in protein, but also fibre. Try roasting them in a baking tray with a drizzle of oil and a dash of sea salt for a delicious variation.

8. Artichokes

You can eat artichokes in many different ways including blended, steamed or roasted. They are so delicious and filling (thanks to the high protein) that you may very well may make them the main part of your meal, as happened in the ancient Jewish Ghettos in Rome many years ago!

9. Asparagus

Not only are asparagus high in protein, but they also assist your body with detoxification. Asparagus are also high in fibre, which fills you up and leaves you feeling satisfied after eating.

10. Corn

In addition to its high fibre content, a serving of corn packs a solid protein punch. Best eaten fresh from the cob, you can also get the benefits off-season through frozen or canned kernels.