MTMM's Top Tips to Keeping Your 2018 Health and Performance Resolutions!

It's January 1st. 
The whole year is ahead of you. 
'This is it...' you tell yourself, 'This is time I put myself first and begin to regain control of my health!' 

But as the days begin to pass... holidays wrap up and you return to work... the familiar sets in. Suddenly, your health begins to slip down your list of priorities - replaced by those ever looming deadlines, social engagements and the seemingly never ending emails that all need to be responded to ASAP! 

Unfortunately, it's a pretty common story that we hear a lot at MTMM.
But don't despair! 

It is possible to improve your health AND stay on top of your work demands - in fact, our clients often report that the more attention they pay to their health, the better their professional outcomes become also!

So what's the best way to progress forward on both fronts?

MTMM’s top tips to maximise your ability to stick to those new year health resolutions!

Keep it simple!!
Compose your meals from whole food sources and ditch the processed stuff – check out the ingredients list of the items you are choosing to buy.. can’t pronounce it? Don’t buy it. Make the decision at the supermarket of how solid your diet is going to be and avoid filling the trolley with temptation!

Cut the liquid sweets!!
When often equate calories and energy to what we eat, but did you know that 60% of calories consumed by North Americans come in liquid form? Pop is the obvious culprit but consider the impact of those white chocolate mint mochas or blended frappachinos as well as those ‘fruit juices’ that pass under the guise of ‘healthy’. 

While we’re on the subject of fluids…
Buy yourself a water-bottle and work to Increase water intake. 2-3 L per day is the
minimum necessary amount for inactive individuals If you’re sweating you want to
increase that by at least 1L per hour of activity. Keeping a bottle on your desk or anywhere you will see it means you will be constantly reminded to hydrate, rather than 'out of sight, out of mind'.

Protein is King!
When it comes to achieving goals of body recomposition (less body fat, more lean muscle mass), If you can’t identify a primary protein source in each meal or snack you won’t be able to meet the needs of an active body. Start aiming for a palm size piece at each meal, as well as 1 - 2 protein based snacks per day. Sources of protein include all meat and seafood, eggs and egg whites, soy, tofu, tempeh, beans and legumes, and to a lesser degree nuts and seeds, quinoa, breads,
and dairy. However, you may have to do some research into which sources best suit your individual needs and requirements.

Sit down to eat your meals and chew your food slowly!!
This can promote better digestion and allow our brains to interpret when we’re truly full rather than over-stuffing ourselves. Sitting down for meals will also reduce the meaningless snacking that we often don’t even notice we do! It's not uncommon for people to actaully consume more calories form snacking while waiting for their food to cook, than they get from the meal itself! 

Fuel your workouts!
It's ridiculous to presume your body will be able to perform at it's best on no fuel! Have a carb based meal 1.5-2 hours before a workout and a protein based meal immediately following. Choose items like yams, potato or rice as your pre-workout carbs, and lean proteins with minimal fat post.
Less is not always more!
Are you eating enough to burn fat?
Sounds counter-counterintuitive huh? But the truth is, the more active we are, the more fuel our bodies will require.
Feeling sluggish or tired, having trouble sleeping (or feeling the need to nap more),
pulling up extra sore after workouts or heavily relying on caffeine to get you through are
normally signs of under eating. If this is the case, any weight you do lose is likely to be
lean muscle mass, rather than fat!

Ask for Help! 
If you're still unsure about what constitutes healthy eating, how to implement it into your lifestyle and how to set yourself for long term sustainable success or even just curious if MTMM is for you and how we can help you achieve your health and performance goals in 2018 - email us at for a complimentary one-on–one assessment with an MTMM