maggie morgan


Nutritionist // Media and content COORDINATOR


Maggie had been involved with sports throughout her childhood into her university years, but it wasn’t until she found the sport of powerlifting that her passion reached a whole new level.  She’s always loved food, and being able to see the direct effect that food had on her performance in sport was life changing to her.

Before being introduced to the sport by her coach, Maggie found herself restricting her calories, avoiding carbohydrates, over exercising and would occasionally demonstrate disordered eating behaviour.  What allowed her to heal and ultimately progress towards achieving a healthy body and a healthy mind was knowledge. She would ask her coach many (possibly too many) questions about the why behind his recommendations, and it quickly became clear to her that there was a plethora of information she had been missing out on. Heck, she didn’t even really know what a carbohydrate was when she was putting herself on a low carb diet.

Maggie began her powerlifting career competing in a local college meet in the 72kg weight class, and was tasked with filling out the weight class during her preparation for that meet.  Mentally, it was tough for her to accept that she was going to put on 5+kg, so her and her coach decided to set her next goal of competing in a bodybuilding competition, and cutting down to the 63kg weight class where she would be able to sit comfortably, and in a healthy manner, for future powerlifting meets.  She successfully cut down to 58kg, competed on the bodybuilding stage and immediately began prepping for her first provincial powerlifting meet in the 63kg weight class. Since then, Maggie has competed in a total of seven powerlifting meets, two being national championships and one being a World Championship meet where she finished 6th.

Maggie has spent her time as an online nutrition coach helping others achieve the same level of knowledge surrounding nutrition that she has acquired throughout her experiences.  It’s hard to make sense of all the available information pertaining to nutrition that is available to us today. Without being offered an explanation of why you should be adopting a particular nutritional habit, it is hard to both mentally and behaviourally integrate that into your life.  Maggie strives to share the same level of knowledge with all of her clients throughout their experience working together.