ben borg


community ENgagement and development Director; NUTRITIONIST
(Certificate 3 & 4 Group fitness and personal training, PN1, CFL1, B.COMM)

From 120kg to 85kg: if there’s something Ben understands, it’s that body composition change takes time, never occurs as fast as we want, and never happens in a perfectly linear manner. 

He also knows these changes are worth the patience and dedication. 

Ben’s foray into health and nutrition started in a somewhat unconventional manner to most. From crash diets to dirty bulks there aren’t too many protocols that Ben himself hasn’t experimented with in the quest for the ultimate physique. So before even diverting his career from corporate finance to health and fitness he had amassed a wealth on knowledge on what not to do, and wants to save his clients the hardship:

‘I wasn’t sure what was real and what wasn’t, so essentially I just tried everything. But what I found the most disturbing was not the amount of information available, but the lack of focus on health, sustainability and performance’

Ben now works diligently with his clients looking to transform their bodies by paying particular attention to what matters most - their health. 

When asked ‘what’s the best diet to follow?’ Ben’s response is to the point - the one that works.

'Diet is more than just calories and macros. It encompasses all lifestyle factors, and if the individual feels restricted, socially excluded or overwhelmed by their nutrition plan then any short term success they achieve will be short lived’

Ben works with his clients to identify and address routines and behaviours surrounding foods, coaching small, manageable changes that over time lead to big transformations - it may take a little longer this way, but he prides himself on the fact that his clients maintain the changes long after the finish their package. 

‘Our goal is to educate and support - not to develop a dependency. If you’re not learning along the way how to better improve your health and performance, then I haven’t done my job.

Just because the journey seems long and daunting, doesn’t mean it’s not worth taking. If you’re looking to make some big lifestyle changes to address your health and body composition then it’s time to take the leap.