katrina smith

Image: Herman Chan

Image: Herman Chan


Lead nutritionist & founder  (MS [in progress], CF-L1, PN1)

Katrina is a graduate of the University of Victoria where she studied biopsychology before going on to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has spent her career in the field of cardiac health, most recently obtaining an advanced specialty certificate from BCIT and moving into a position in cardiac surgery ICU where she works directly with some of the sickest patients in the province.

During her five years in cardiac health Katrina became passionate about preventative medicine and optimizing quality of life. These interests coincided with an increasing affinity for CrossFit and a love of Olympic lifting. After awhile it became apparent that her ability to help people live better was severely restricted in an intensive care setting and that she could make a bigger impact working alongside individuals who actively prioritized their health, but perhaps just needed a little guidance. With this desire to coach positive change Katrina obtained her CrossFit level 1 certification, advanced her sports nutrition education by becoming a Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach, and is currently working on her Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance.

Katrina has worked with athletes from a variety of backgrounds with diverse needs and goals. She has coached new athletes from their first month of exercise and lifestyle change to elite level athletes looking to hone in their nutrition for optimal performance. She has worked with powerlifters looking to add mass and strength and Olympic Weightlifters looking to cut weight classes without seeing a decrease in their lifts. Katrina has coached crossfitters looking to put on more muscle while maintaining their metabolic conditioning and bodybuilders looking to build baseline prior to entering intensive prep stages. She has worked with clients from across the lifespan and as a critical care nurse brings an extensive medical background which ensures her programming is holistic, health centered and sustainable. Longevity and quality of life are guiding principles of Katrina’s practice and as such she works hard to ensure her programming and coaching is effective, efficient and health promoting.