Invest In YOU.

Not sure if you can afford Nutrition Coaching?

Let’s crunch the numbers.

Per Month/Per Year:

  • Average Gym Membership $200/$2,400
  • Average Supplement Cost $120/$1,440
  • Average Time spent in the gym 25 x $25
  • x average wage per hour $625/$7,500
  • Average Grocery Cost $600/$7,200
  • $1,545 monthly/$18,540 yearly

Each year, at a minimum, we spend just under $19,000 on our health and wellness, whether directly or indirectly. This doesn’t even begin to factor in secondary costs such as prehab/rehab treatment, sport specific equipment and gear, and medications for potentially avoidable health conditions. Factor those in, and the number quickly exceeds $25,000 per year!

Are you happy with your current level of health and fitness? Is current your body composition and performance indicative of your $25,000 investment? For the great majority of individuals, unfortunately the answer is no.

Devastatingly, for an overwhelming number of people within our community, the return on this enormous investment in simply unsatisfactory. The question therefore becomes not “can you afford to learn about proper nourishment?” but “how can you continue to afford not to?”

At MTMM we can help you:

  • Learn how to ensure your weekly, monthly and annual spending is aligned with
  • your health and performance goals.
  • - Implement strategies to ensure you get the maximum return on your
  • investment.
  • - Improve your general health, quality of life and achieve the performance and
  • body composition results you desire.

Make the change for yourself today.