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"I had no idea how much it affected your body (physically and mentally) what you eat, how much you eat and when you eat it." -Anthony
Top Right-Oct. 2016/Bottom Right-Jan. 2017/Left image-March 2017

Top Right-Oct. 2016/Bottom Right-Jan. 2017/Left image-March 2017

Reaching out to Katrina at Married To My Macros has been the best investment I've made in order to improve both my physical and mental health. Within 2 weeks of my initial consultation, I saw drastic changes to my body. I gained a noticeable amount of lean muscle mass, and increase in my abdominal definition (they started to pop out!) and I felt an increase in my energy levels, allowing for higher performance throughout my workouts.

In the month following, I set myself some fitness goals that I previously would have considered out of reach. However, with Kat's constant encouragement and the support she displays for her clients, together we made sure I achieved them! 

My goals were as follows:

I wanted to increase my clean and jerk by 50%, which was at 40kgs - I hit a PR of 60kgs.

I wanted my snatch to increase by 25% while really honing in on my technique - a clear mind helped my focus, which allowed for an improvement in technique, and as a result my snatch increased from 32kgs - 42kgs.

From a body composition perspective, I wanted to gain lean muscle mass all over my body - I gained more than I thought achievable in the short time frame, with the biggest winner for me being visible abs! Plain and simple, this was my number one composition goal - to get abs! I hadn't seen my abs for about 13 years and it's a massive testament that I now can look in the mirror and say hello to them every morning.

None of this would have been possible without the programming, guidance and coaching from Kat.

My personal experience with Married To My Macros has been amazing! Kat's passion and knowledge of nutritional concepts and associated biological responses is absolutely mind blowing. Her work ethic and compassion for her clients is so apparent that you can be confident in knowing you are getting the right advice, with the added comfort of feeling supported during those tough times  - if you're having a tough day, she is always only a phone call or email away to coach you through.


***Update - MTMM is happy to report that since the publication of this testimonial, Anthony's performance has continue to improve. His snatch has further increased up to 52kg!