Empowered With Knowledge

Client: Ashley McLaren

“I have been working with Kat since September of 2018. I had been participating in CrossFit for just under a year and had recently lost a significant amount of weight. I was looking to change my focus from eating for weight loss and body composition to eating for performance. With big goals in mind - competing for my first time in February amongst other things, I saw first hand the success Kat's clients had achieved by following her programming and decided to reach out. 

Kat is extremely knowledgeable, supportive and understanding. Our weekly check ins provide me a constant opportunity to ask for guidance, provide her with any information about a change in my activity level so my guidelines can be adjusted accordingly. 

Every time I talk to Kat, I learn something new, and leave the conversation feeling empowered and motivated to keep pushing towards my goals.

If you are struggling with your nutrition or don’t know where to start, I would highly recommended MTMM.”