6 Reasons Why You Could Benefit from Nutrition Coaching

Sometimes it’s hard to know when it’s time to reach out for help, especially when it relates to our health and wellbeing. There is so much accessible information out there today regarding nutrition, health and fitness that it can become difficult to navigate and apply it to your own personal situation and needs.

Below are 6 different scenarios you might find yourself relating to. If that is the case, maybe it’s time to think about working with a nutritionist who can guide your towards your goals in a healthy, sustainable way.

1) The Athlete

Are you someone looking to improve their athletic performance? From elite to recreational athletes in CrossFit, weightlifting, endurance training and even olympic level discus throwing - Coach Kat knows how to help.

Coach Kat's passion for assisting athletes in reaching their full potential is strongly reflected in her current undertaking of a Masters in Human Performance Nutrition.

2) Specific Health Requirements

Are you someone with specific health requirements such as hormonal imbalances or pregnancy?

Coach Kat's education and experience has led her clients to success in overcoming various nutritional and health challenges. From managing your health and nutrition while pregnant, getting back your pre-baby body and strength, to designing programs specifically to correct hormonal imbalances, Coach Kat is ready to get you back to feeling like your thriving self.

Athlete and Performance Nutrition Coaching

3) Can’t Get Results

Are you someone who prioritizes their health, puts a lot of time into being active but just feels as though no matter what you try, the results do not reflect the time, money and energy you have invested?

Perhaps you're looking for some further guidance, a subjective eye to take a closer look and offer a structure and plan that can maximize your return on health investment. Sit down with one of our coaches today to talk creating the most optimal plan for you.

Learn how to count macros, create recipes with macros and achieve your goals

4) The Goal Getter

Are you someone who is happy with your health and fitness wise, but wants to push themselves and see how far you are capable of going? There are so many free resources, information and advice out there today, but it's easy to get caught up and overwhelmed with how to apply it all to your individual and unique body, lifestyle and goals.

Ready to take the jump? Coach Maggie is ready to guide you at full speed - helping you dive right in but ensuring you are on the best course to achieve your goals, even if that means just wanting to be a better version of yourself. Your goals will develop with you.

5) Not Sure Where (or How) to Start

If you’re not sure where to start on bringing your health to the forefront - start here

Are you someone who finds themselves at a point where you've had a number of years trying to improve your health, but not really sure where or how to start? Does every step you do take seem to be one that means a drastic change to your present behaviours and therefore your success is minimal and short lived?

Coach Ben has had similar experiences and can therefore empathize with the struggles you are facing. Along with that, he has overcome said challenges and is here to save you from the stress of navigating the confusing world of health and fitness as it stands today, creating a plan that integrates into your current life while providing lasting results.

6) Developing New Behaviours

Are you someone who in the last 10 years or so, has ranked your health outside of your top 3 priorities - behind career, socializing and family? Now you might be starting to feel the effects on other areas of having a poor diet: poor sleep, high stress levels or warnings from health professionals that change needs to happen. Maybe these changes mean needing to pay more attention to your food and developing some positive behaviours and habits surrounding food choice, preparation and understanding.

Coach Ben, specializing in lifestyle and behavioural coaching, is here to help you begin implementing the necessary changes to improve your health, body composition and overall wellbeing in a manner that incorporates your current lifestyle, rather than consumes it.

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If you find yourself resonating with one of the above scenarios, perhaps its time to take the leap and ask for help so you can learn about what healthy, sustainable nutrition looks like for your unique lifestyle, goals and needs. Head over to our How To Start page and contact one of our coaches today!